Collection: Your Cotta Pot Watering Irrigation System

What is a Cotta Pot System

  • A low pressure water system that feeds water into our custom designed pot made from terracotta (Cotta Pot) that then seeps water to the plants.
  • A self watering system that is easy to install and maintain.
  • Blend of an ancient system and modern convenience - No apps, No batteries, No Electronics - means no hassle.

Why use the Cotta Pot System

  • Enjoy worry-free holidays knowing that your garden stays watered.
  • Delivers the perfect amount of water to your plant's roots to increase your harvests.
  • Save 61% more water compared to drip line irrigation systems and 81% on hand watering.
  • Our Cotta Pot Kits include everything that you need to get started.

Where to use the Cotta Pot System

  • In your garden.
  • In your garden beds.
  • In your Pots, Containers and Growbags.
  • Fruit Trees

How it works

  • The Cotta Pots are filled with water, via a 6mm tube from the bucket, which can be connected to an existing irrigation system or garden hose.
  • The Cotta Pots are crafted from porous terracotta clay, they then seep water depending on the soil conditions.
  • When the soil is dry, the Cotta Pots continuously release water. Conversely, if the soil is already moist from rain or manual watering, the Cotta Pots cease seeping water out because the soil is adequately hydrated. 
  • Remarkably, plant roots instinctively seek out the moisture source, directing their growth towards the Cotta Pots.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • If you live in an area where you get frost, then you will need to winterise your Cotta pots before your first frost. Disconnect one end of the tubing and remove and empty the Cotta pots.  Wrap and store in the original packaging and or the bucket.  Move to somewhere where they will not be affected by frosts.

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