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Gubba Garden Hands and Garden Mat-Combo

Gubba Garden Hands and Garden Mat-Combo

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Garden Hands and Mat Combo

Double-edged hand scoops make clearing up wonderfully easy; use serrated edge on lawns, for grass clippings and leaves and use the flat edge for clearing and tidying up on concrete or other hard surfaces.

Featuring, comfortable, adjustable hand straps Gubba Garden Hands keep your hands clean and protected. They are lightweight and extremely easy to use.

Team them up in this combo with a Gubba Garden Mat, with strong handles in all 4 corners ideal for placing under hedges and trees when pruning and cleaning up as go.

Made in New Zealand from tough, waterproof material, the garden mat is great for larger garden clean up jobs. When the mat is full, just pull 2 or 4 of the handles together and lift!

Garden mats can double as a car liner, even a picnic mat or whenever a large waterproof sheet is called for.

Size: 1800mm x 1800mm

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