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Gubba Garden Hands and Bag Combo

Gubba Garden Hands and Bag Combo

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A Gardening Combo Deal 

Double-edged hand scoops make clearing up wonderfully easy; use serrated edge on lawns, for grass clippings and leaves and use the flat edge for clearing and tidying up on concrete or other hard surfaces.

Featuring, comfortable, adjustable hand straps Gubba Garden Hands keep your hands clean and protected. They are lightweight and extremely easy to use.

Team them up in this Combo with a Gubba Garden Bag that stands open all by itself!  A clever kiwi invention for an age-old problem of floppy garden bags that are impossible to fill.

This garden bag has flexible tubing sewn into the seams to hold it open (and ready to be filled) even when empty.

This bag has been a firm favourite with Kiwi gardeners for over 30 years. The garden bag holds a stack of weeds, leaves and clippings and makes garden tidy up a breeze.

Designed to last, made in New Zealand from top quality materials, it's super tough, with comfortable, strong handles it also folds away flat after use. 

Size: 700mm x 700mm x 400mm

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